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Toast of The Town

Cake. I love cake. I'm great at eating it. Ok at making it. But I'm awful at decorating it. 

Last Sunday when Joe bloggers invited me down to the Quayside, with a mild hangover and blue still in my hair. (Read here to find out why) to The Copthorne hotel for an afternoon of cake decorating and afternoon tea, I hoped they didn't have a high expectations for me as I certainly didn't.

So with prosecco and nibbles to start we were shown we were let loose with the cakes and icing. 

This is what my cakes were meant to look like. 

Julie's cake house were the wonderful ladies who were going to show us how to make them.
And this is how mine turned out. 

I'm bloody proud of them. Although if I decorated cakes for a living they would sell at £17.50. Do you know how much time and effort goes in to making one? 

I learnt two things about myself during the decorating process. 

1. I have no patience.
2. I am no good with a rolling pin. That is why I don't own one! 

Despite my bad attempts I really enjoyed it. But I don't you'll catch me doing it again. Was far too frustrating and fiddly.

After the cup cake decorating we finished up our drinks and were shown around the hotel by Gemma and got a sneak peek into the bed rooms.

Was very Home Alone running around a hotel.

There are 156 rooms and they are all pretty big so if you're anything like me there's lots of room for dancing around and singing into your just me? Okay.  

Would love to sit here with my book and watch the world go by.

Rounding off the day nicely with some afternoon tea.

Cake and mini sandwiches? Perfect.

Thank you to the wonderful people at Joe Bloggers, the Copthrone Hotel for having me and Julie's cakes for explaining everything to me a million times.

Toast of the Town

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