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Summer Swish at Metro Centre Gateshead

When Rachel from Life in Gerodieland's email dropped in my inbox inviting me to a Summer Swig event I instantly thought of a drink in a park.

Reading further down I realised my mistake the email read 'Summer Swish'
Please don't judge me, I'm dyslexic so it was an easy mistake to make.

Rachel's idea was much better than mine.

A Swish event is where a group of people (bloggers in our case) meet up and bring unwanted clothes and you can swap them for one's you want. As in the clothes other people bring along to the event.

We were told to bring at least 5 items or more and in return we were given a little tag. So if we saw something we wanted we just popped our tag on the item.

Kind of like a swap shop. Great idea to get a few new pieces for your wardrobe in exchange for clothes you no longer want.

Before the swapping started we got a style talk from Michaela form the Metro centre. She gave us lots of style tips for any holidays we had coming up.

There was a raffle and the money rasied went to the Sunshine fund and I won. Well I was the last number to be drawn out but I got a lovely voucher for B charmed in Newcastle. I'll be looking forward to my next shopping trip to be spending that. 

The Ladies really getting their swap on!

I really wasn't looking to take anymore clothes home. I'm trying to downsize my wardrobe. After a quick nosey to see what other people had swapped I got chatting to Ashlie and Chloe. (I know me chatting who would have thought).

All the chatting got us hungry so Chloe, Ashlie and I decided to get some lunch once the event was over. 

Doesn't coke taste so much better out the bottle?

Have you been to a swish event before?

Or even a swig event...I think I'm onto something there. Kinda like a wine tasting for bloggers? What do you think?

Summer Swish

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