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The Silk Room Newcastle

Last Wednesday Emily and I were wondering around Newcastle looking for some where to eat.

We walked past The Silk Room on the Quayside and decided to go in and see if there was a table available. There was only one other table in so we got seated. 

A few people had told me that they had been and really enjoyed it so I had big hope's. Our table which was next to the window meant we were block off from the rest of the restaurant by some strange separation thing.

Looking through the menu while sipping on sparkling water. Not really the champagne I would have liked but it was a school night so the water will just have to do.

There were lots of cool little Champange quotes on the menu. My favourite being 'My only regret is that I did not drink more Champagne' - Marlene Dietrich.

Marlene, I feel you. I don't want to have that regret.

Emily decided she wanted the roast parsnip and carrot Soup as a main with a side order of chips.

I opted for the Pan seared breast of chicken with wild garlic and thyme, that came with seasonal vegetables and light mustard seed jus.

I'm not a huge fan of mustard but I like it in a jus. (I know I'm strange but we'd be bored if we were all the same). Our waiter said that he would ask the chef to put the jus on the side for me.

Considering there were only 2 tables in the restaurant (and we were one of them) the food took ages to come. By this point I was starving.

Emily's soup lacked flavour and was sadly very bland but her chips were a huge hit with both of us.

When my chicken came the jus came it was more like a sauce and I am really glad it came on the side. To be honest I didn't like the sauce but that was down to my taste.

Without the jus/sauce the chicken was pretty tasteless and dry.

When Marvin (our waiter, I'd told him about my mustard dilemma) came over to ask if everything was ok I had told him that I really didn't like the sauce and he asked if I would like a peppercorn sauce instead and he changed the pot emimdeidely which made my meal much more enjoyable.

Our meals weren't that fantastic but I wouldn't say I would never go back. I'd defiantly have some from the grill next time. (And some fizz). The staff were also really friendly and helpful which was refreshing. 

The restaurant had a very private feel. It was perfect first date material as there was no loud music so you could really get to know someone.

Marvin also very kindly took a picture of Emily and I together.

After toying with the idea I've decided to create a facebook page for Katie Jane Online. If you'd like to like my page you can find it here. It would completely make my day. Thank you.

Silk Room Newcastle 

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