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Seaham Hall Twlight Spa

It doesn't seem that long ago I was at Seaham hall for Afternoon tea.

Well I'm back but this time for their Twilight Spa package.

Arriving after 6 you get access to full spa facilities until half 9 and (what I was most looking forward  too) a 2 course meal and the Ozone restaurant.

 Rather windy in Seaham. I gave up trying to get a nice photo in front of the water feature and decided to hold on to my hair instead.

Wearing R's comfy James Dean jumper I was ready to relax.

Walking through the hotel. (So we could have a nosey around) was absolutely relaxing.

I find water falls so relaxing. I know you can't see it very well but there is water falling down the pole.

Down to the fishes, another thing I find relaxing, watching fish swim around.

Anyway let me show you to the Spa.

Don't forget to say hello to Nelly the Elephant on the way past. It's tradition.

Singing in all complete you are given some homemade lemonade which was the best homemade lemonade I have ever tasted. If anyone would like to give me the recipe I would be eternally grateful.

It's not time to get into your swimming gear and get relaxing by the pool. Fluffy robes, a super soft town and slippers are provided for you to make your spa time as relaxing as possible.

Emily and I were first there so I managed to get a snap of the pool before the rest of the twilight spa goers got there.

Then I put my camera away so we could just relax.

As you really get in the relaxation mode you can slip from the sauna, to the outdoor hot tub then back into the steam room.

If you're feeling really brave you can jump straight into the ice cold plunge pool. I didn't. I'm not that found of the cold.

As we were slowly turning into mermaids we got dressed in our robes and slipped off the Zen lounge on the sofa's for a girly gossip and a little bit of fizz and a tipple of white wine.


Feeling even more relaxed after our drink we had a little steam and carried on our girly chat.

At 10 to 9 sadly our spa time came to an end as we had a table booked for 9 in the restaurant.

We had a shower using the amazing Elemis products that are in the changing rooms and got changed in to our comfy clothes.

Top tip. If you ever go to a Spa always take a some tracksuit bottoms to change into once your leave. There is nothing worse than being hot and sticky and having to put your skinny jeans on.

Ordering more Fizz.

The food was amazing. We all got pretty much the same starter. Tempura Prawns with chili tartar sauce. Apart from Emily. Who ordered the duck.

The prawns were beautiful, light and fluffy with the tastiest chilli tartar sauce. Emily's pan cakes for her Duck came in bamboo basket.

For mains everyone ordered the pad thai. Apart from me.  Who ordered the Chicken Tikka.

The curry was beautiful. My tummy is rumbling at remembering how good this tasted. 

My sister was assured that the Pad Thai wasn't spicy as we both don't like spicy things but it was, and it was almost too spicy for Emily to eat. Just something to watch out for if you're thinking about ordering it.

After plenty of Fizz and a tummy full of delicious food it was time to go home. We didn't leave the restaurant until half 11.

The twilight spa is the perfect start to any weekend. The prices differ to which night you want to go. You can check out their website here.

Reading this on Monday morning before work isn't the best idea I know but hopefully you've had a great weekend.

I'm on holiday in Santoirni this week. I still have lot's of posts coming your way. But for now I'm off to go for a swim in the pool. Head over to like my Facebook page or follow me on Instagram @katiejaneonline there'll be lot's of holiday updates over there.

Hope you have a great week.

Seaham Hall Spa  

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