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Pet Lamb Patisserie Newcastle

I'm trying this whole eat 80% good and 20% what ever you want. It's not going very well. More like 95% what ever I want and 5% good.

It's working for me. So I'm sticking to it.

As I'm allowed to eat 95% of what ever I want, I've found the most amazing cake shop in Newcastle. This is not an exaggeration.

Buried in Grainger Market is Pet Lamb Patisserie.

All the cakes are made in the shop and it is possibly the cutest cake shop I have ever come across.

All off the cakes and brownies are out on show and the hardest part is to pick which one you want to take home.

I took 4 treats home with me to try them all and so I could give an honest opinion to share with my family.

I brought home the slutty brownie, salted caramel cupcake, raspberry and nutella brownie and a lemon meringue cupcake especially for my Grandma. 

It is now my life's ambition to recreate those brownies. They were amazing and by far my favourite.

But next time family I'm not sharing. You'll have to get your own.  

So I'm sticking at my eating 95% of whatever I want, therefore I'll be back Pet Lamb.

Pet Lamb Patisserie Grainger Market Newcastle

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