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New Glasses

Let's start this post with what I wore first.

I was off out for a Family Sunday lunch. While I was all dressed up (not in my work gear) I thought I'd also tell you about my new glasses.

I got my glass at the start of last month and I've been wearing them every day. It's like I see life in HD now. 

My first pair are Fendi frames and I really like how they have the large lenses, with the anti reflective coating on these so the light doesn't glare as much when I'm driving. 

Secondly I went for some Chloe frames which are my favourite. Which I also got the blue anti reflective coating on for when I am using the computer it stops the glare.

When I'm wearing my glasses I find my eyes don't get as tired as they do when I don't.

I got mine from Vision Express in Durham. Really friendly people with fantastic after care.

As I was getting my outfit pictures taken I had a little fan by my feet and he wanted me to tell you about his outfit.  

Alfie grew it all himself and it's all his own fur and he's so proud.

I filmed my first ever vlog last night. I'm super excited to share it with you. Once it's been edited I shall let you know.

My New Glasses

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