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Manny's Pizza Deli Newcastle

When R asked me if I wanted to try his friend's New York style pizza deli in Newcastle, I don't think I could get 'yes' out my mouth quick enough.

On the short work from Northumberland street we had an in depth conversation, would you prefer Newcastle to win the premiership or the FA Cup (we fully agreed we'd prefer the FA Cup) we arrived. 

Walking in we grabbed the window seats. For ample lighting. (You know for blog photo's)
There were no menus to be seen so I just kind of pointed to which pizza I wanted.

You order at the bar and the pizza is quickly cooked for you to enjoy.

I picked the Soho, roasted peppers, spinach, green peppers, onion and cherry tomato. Basically the vegetarian one.  

R picked the Meatpacking pizza. Which consists of pepperoni, sausage, meatballs and bacon.

In fact he got two slices.

Which he drizzled in Chilli oil.

The pizza slices are so huge, there is no way to eat them gracefully. I got tomato all over my face and in my hair.

R folded his over and managed to eat his better than my horrific effort.

For pudding R surprised me with the Vanilla cheesecake.

 But as the next picture show's R got so excited by the pudding that he just dug in without me getting a photo for the blog.

But, it was amazing. For a cheesecake it was very flan like. Still so good though!

Manny's is a fabulous place to meet up with friends and catch up over a huge pizza but I wouldn't take a first date here. First dates are bad enough without someone saying 'Oh do you know you've got half your pizza in your hair'.

Check out Manny's Pizza menu here and let me know if you head down. I'd love to know which pizza you chose.

Manny's Pizza Deli Newcastle

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