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Lemon & Lime Ice Cube Trick

The other week I popped over my friends house for a nice civil drink. (That ended up in about 5 and leaving at midnight).

When she popped my ice it was, a little different. 

The lemon and lime were frozen in the ice.

Genius. How have I never thought of this?!
I love lemon or a lime in my drink but they go off pretty quick. 
I just wanted to share this little trick with you as it's perfect for any Summer barbeque's or parties you may have coming up.
Simply. Chop up your preferred fruit. Small enough so you can fit them in your ice tray. 

Pop them in, then add water. 
Then simply freeze.

This way your lemon & lime will stay fresh and personally I think it looks pretty cool in drinks.

Pick your poison, invite some friends around and wait for the Sun for full maximum enjoyment. 

Simple. Yet effective.

Lemon & Lime party ice

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