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Finbarrs Restaurant Durham

Finbarrs Durham is defiantly in my top 5 restaurants in the North East. Possibly at number 1.

When my Mam asked where we should go for dinner the other Saturday night there was only really one place we had in mind. 

Before we get to Finbarrs I'll tell you what I wore.

Belt // Top // Jeans // Blazer // Shoes

We started off with drinks in the bar. 

Bubbles for me. Pint of larger for the lady. 

I like to have a drink, browse and order before I go to the table at Finbarrs. It gives us a chance to catch up in a different surrounding. 

We decided not to get starters as R and I agreeed we'd get the Chateaubriand. 

Once your food is ready the friendly waiters/waitress will come and show you to your table.

As soon as our bums got comfortable on our chairs the food came.

The Chateaubriand comes with green beans, tomatoes, onion rings (which are the best onion rings I've ever tasted) and hand cut chips. It also comes with a bearnaise sauce but as R and I both don't like it, we switched it for peppercorn.

I like my steak cooked medium rare and he likes his rare. After a long and healthy debate I gave in and we ordered it rare. 

Looking back at these photos is making me so hungry.

All washed it all down with a little bit of red.

Salmon for the ladies, 

King prawns, crab meat and a lobster bisque for Emily.

Rump steak for the men.

You know the food is good when the conversation stops and there is complete silence while you're eating.

Other than the food do you know what's the best thing about Finbarrs, it's the tables. 

They have round tables. There were 7 of us eating there on Saturday and being on a round table is a million times better than a long rectangular one. You get to talk and see everyone. 

When the pudding menu's came around there was only one thing I wanted. Which you've seen before when I posted about Finbarrs last time.

The almighty knickerbocker glory.

Possibly the best pudding in County Durham, possibly the United Kingdom!

A combination of strawberry and vanilla ice cream, sponge, pistachio, whipped cream, shavings of chocolate and raspberry coulis.

The others order a couple of cheese boards to share around.

We washed pudding down with more red wine.

We all talked until the everyone had gone home and we thought it was time to have one last drink before we hit the road. I ended the night how I started. With Bubbles.

The food as always was spectacular. There is always such an electric buzz in Finbarrs. If you're wanting to impress someone this is where I would take them for a meal. Guaranteed to be a hit.

I'd recommend booking in advance to avoid disappointment.

R and I headed into Durham to meet a few friends and finish off our night with a few cocktails. Perfect way to spend a Saturday evening.

Finbarrs Durham

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