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Crowne Plaza Newcastle

There's a new hotel coming to town and I have the inside scoop.

I love going to a factory and seeing a piece of nothing being made into a something. I think it's fascinating. A bit like a building site. You see a nothing made into something beautiful.

That is exactly what's going on at the Crowne Plaza building site. Something out of nothing being created into something Beautiful.

Last week I was invited down to the Crowne Plaza hotel for their hard hat lunch and preview of their new hotel.

The building work you see behind the train station in Newcastle is the new hotel. Prime location if you ask me. If you're heading up North after September for shopping, night out, going to the Metro arena or coming up for a football game at St James' park I couldn't think of a better location to stay other than the Crowne Plaza.  

I got to talk to the lovely guys who will be running The Gin bar and the Hawthorne restaurant.

They really sold it too me that this is going to be the next place to be seen on the toon. All produce is going to be sourced locally including the gin.

I love supporting the North East in anyway I can so the fact that the food and drink they will be severing is from up here please, count me in.

After getting all the inside scoop from the food and drink side I went and mingled my way around.

Before lunch time. A delicious ham and mustard sandwich.

I was on my own and kind of really didn't know what was going on so I almost missed the tour as no one told me what time my group was leaving. I'm assuming there must have been another blonde with a pink coat on there too as everyone kept telling me I'd done the tour. After convincing people I hadn't I got suited and booted and went to the building site.

Fashion blogger in full PPE kit. Hi viz, safety boots, gloves and hard hat on. I was good to go.
Inside the building site, was a building site.

As you walk in there will be the biggest chandelier in Newcastle hanging from the ceiling shining down on you.  

Which leads you conveniently to the Gin bar.

The spacious corridors lead you to spacious bedrooms.

With a bathroom that not only has a shower...

But a bath too, (just around the corner.)

The suite I was showing around was a train stoppers dream.

Prime view of Newcastle Central station.

The gym is rather petite but will allow non hotel residents memberships to the gym. I'm not a real gym goer myself however I love swimming.

Changing rooms for the gym and spa.

The water was getting filled this week. So it's all pretty exciting. I'll be coming for a swim as soon as I can.

I was treated to a sneak peak at the kitchen's too. I think as I worked as a waitress for so long that I just love having a nose around where all the food is prepared.

With guest due to arrive on the September 1st the building work seems to be right on track. I'm really excited for the opening. Often my Dad and I get the train up to Newcastle to go to the football games as the Crowne Plaza is so close to the station I have a funny feeling this will become a favourite of ours for a pre match drink and bite to eat place.

Once the hotel is open I promise I'll take some more pictures for you so you get to see the finished piece. And I'll let you know if the food and drink is as good as it's promised to be.

In fact if I learn how to Vlog by September I might even vlog it for you.

On that note if you have any tips on vlogging I'd love to hear. Mainly on how you add music. I'm struggling with that bit.

Crowne Plaza Hotel Newcastle 

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