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Chocolate Covered Popcorn

It's Father's day on Sunday and if your stuck for a present (like me) I have a little DIY treat just for your Dad.

You can turn this jar from this,

To this.

Full of chocolate covered popcorn mixed in with marshmallows and other chocolate treats.  

It's tastes delicious.

And it can be made in a crack.

First up pour a drizzle oil into a pan (that has a lid) and pre heat. Once your pan is hot turn to a low heat and pour 1/4 cup of popcorn in.

Keep shaking the pan of the popcorn doesn't burn on the bottom.

While your popcorn in popping away. Melt 100 grams of chocolate of your choice. (I used galaxy.)

Once your popcorn stops popping mine did after around 10 minutes leave it to cool off in a separate bowl.

Keep stirring your chocolate until it's completely melted and lovely and runny.

Once your popcorn is cool and your chocolate looks lovely and runny add the popcorn to the chocolate and mix together.

And stir it all in.

Then got a baking tray and covered grease proof paper over it and scattered your popcorn all over it.

When the chocolate is set fill up your jar and mix in the chocolate treats (I used galaxy counters) and mini marshmallows.

There you have the perfect Father's day treat or even just a nice little treat for a movie  night. 

Hope you all have a great Father's day to all the Dad's out there. I can't wait to spoil my Dad when he's home from his work trip.

This post was in collaboration of Think money group who gifted me the jar as part of their Jam Jar project.

Chocolate Popcorn recipe

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