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Bradley Gardens - Wlyam

When I was a little girl The Secret Garden was one of my favourite movies.

Dancing around on the grass barefoot, singing songs around the fire and surround by beautiful flowers?

What more can a girl wish for?

Well I've found the perfect Secret Garden in Wylam.

Come on in, I'll show you around.

This door way leads you to the secret garden.

If you want to create  your own secret garden there's a garden shop just as you enter.

I'm really not into gardening but it stunning walking around. Who doesn't love looking at a pretty flower?

However there are some shops also at Bradley Gardens.

By this point in our visit, we were starving.

But luckily my Mam had booked us a table at the Glasshouse café.

Inside the green house it was rather warm. But the food made up for that fault.

My Mam and I had the smoked haddock Risotto. It was unbelievably good.

Where my Aunty P went for the Chicken liver pate.

With a basket of chips for me sharing.

The food was incredible. I really wanted to try some of their cakes on offer but I was far to full to even try. I would go back for the food alone. The staff were incredibly helpful and extremely friendly.

For the odd nice day we get in the North there is a lovely seating area to eat outside.

On our way back to the car we came a cross a sort of pound.

I imagine at some point in the pond's life it was a wonderful large pound with a water fountain.

Just in case the fountain had the same myth as the Trevi fountain, I thought it would be best to throw a coin in the pound.

My coat is from Zara last spring. But I have found a few similar ones.

After a lovely walk around the gardens it was time to head back to Durham and leave the secret garden that isn't a secret no longer.

The secret garden.

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