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Alfie - The Maltese Dog

We have a joke in my family, that Alfie has the best life out of all of us.

Alfie is a 6 year old Maltese Terrier even though he sometimes thinks he is a Rottweiler as he likes to bark at dogs bigger than him.

^^ Cute puppy pictures.

We've had him from 9 weeks old he was a tiny puppy. Originally I didn't want a dog and I went on holiday to South Africa for a month and while I was there I received an email of a tiny puppy being held up outside our house. From that picture on wards I was in love.

The little bundle of fluff has such a huge character. 

^^ The photo on the left caption: 'What you doing Dad??' (Dad was working in the Garden.

He loves chicken and squeaky toys and loathes rain. He knows when I am unwell and always comes to give you an extra cuddle when you need it.

Contrary to popular belief not all dogs love walkies. If you so much as mention the word walk to him he goes back to bed. Possibly the laziest dog I have come across. 

On a morning, after my Dad has taken him on his morning walk he goes back to bed as there is only so much a dog can do before 8am without needing a nap.

However if you throw a ball he will chase it until he can run no more. 

Chicken is without a doubt his favourite food, all you have to do is mutter the word and he gives you the *no one has fed me in weeks* eyes to try and get a little bit.

His best friend Molly and him are thick as thieves and they can usually be found together plotting how to open the cupboard where the treats are kept.

Alfie has a poorly knee which he went for an operation at Vets4pets in Newton Hall Durham. While he was under the knife we arranged for him to have a scale and polish. After Alfie came around from his operation Vets4pets had actually removed 5 of Alfie's front teeth. No one knows who did it despite my Mam taking them to the RCVS.

So now Alfie/Gummy has no front teeth. I still love him a silly amount but I seriously dislike Vets4pets for doing this to him.

If you do have a furry friend I do recommend you insure him/her. Alfie has been insured by More than since he was 9 weeks old. 

Look after your furry friend and they will ensure you will always have someone to talk too. Even if they don't always talk back.

Alfie the Maltese

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