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Thinking Digital 2015

Thinking Digital is the annual conference that happens in the Sage Gateshead.

A conference for people who are interested in how technology is changing our future.

And people like me.

I'm not that 'technology' minded. I got a D in ICT at GCSE and if anything goes wrong with my computer I automatically think it's broken and ring the technology department for help.

But this conference inspired me.
How IS technology going to change the way I live?

When Sage kindly invited me to be part of their street team this year for the TDC. I gratefully accepted. 

Then I panicked. What if I didn't understand anything the speakers were talking about?

On Wednesday and Thursday last week I opened my mind and made my way to the Sage.

I arrived in Newcastle at 0740 and made my way over the millennium bridge to Gateshead.

There were 24 speakers over 2 days. Which were a wide range of topics. From the BBC trend patterns about our TV and work habits to how robots will be performing surgry on humans via the da Vinci surgery robot (which really blew my mind).

4 speakers really stood out for me Alexandra Depledge, Holly Lloyd, Tim Leberecht and LJ Rich.

Alex Depledge

I could relate to Alex the most. She told her story about her start up company

But as any start up it didn't exactly go to plan. However she didn't give up. Her and her other business partners stuck and made it work.   

Personally I'm a firm believer that business is problem solving.

Once you've solved one problem another one comes up and so the cycle starts again.

Alex said during her talk that you need vision and naivety. Vision for the idea, you need to think of the plan and naivety to ensure that you can make it work and when you have people depending on you the pressure is on.

Which in my career I've suffered with naivety some what. But if you don't believe you can do it who will believe you can?

Holly Lloyd

Holly Lloyd is from Pixar and works on the lighting for the movies. Holly has worked at there since 1996. Working on Finding Nemo, Cars, The Incredibles and many more.

Holly started off by showing us a clip from the new film Disney's new film Inside out. Which I really want to see by the way.

After Holly had talked about the principles of lighting within a Pixar movie I shall never watch one in the same light again (get it?)

There is so much work that goes on behind the scenes.

At Pixar story is King and every story begins with an idea in your head and all you need is a pen and paper.
Then the technically procedure starts.
Tim Leberecht

Tim's talk really caught my attention.

Tim wants to add romance to business. Don't get carried away here. He doesn't want you to cop off with anyone you work with. He wants to put the love back into the work that you do.

Change the way you think about how to approach business.

Tim has wrote a book on how to get more Romantic in Business if you're interested. The Business Romantic. (I've got a copy and I promise to read it and put being a romantic into practice.)

LJ Rich

LJ who completely stole the show for me.
She was honest and unique.  

I will remember LJ's 'talk' for a long time.
LJ took to the piano and played some tunes. The audience were to shout out an artist and then a genres.
My favourite was classical Michael Jackson. Incredibly relaxing.
LJ is amazingly talented.

I watched the majority of talks in the main hall.

Which I found cold. There was a strange dry ice machine kicking out a hell of a chill.

If sitting in a hall full of people isn't for you then there was a live lounge which streamed the talks live. There were bean bags to sit on (and chairs if bags ain't your thing), 2 screens so you could see what was going on in the main hall and most importantly plugs. When you were tweeting as much as I found this room just at the right time.
There is plenty of time for networking. On Wednesday night we went to Prima in Newcastle for dinner where we were all on long tables and got chance to talk to all the people around us.

Then there were farewell drinks at the Eye on the Tyne on Thursday night.

Part from the Sage One Street team. Rebecca & Hannah
My top // Topshop.

Here's a few chips from a few of the other talks that went on.

I had a fantastic time at the conference and really grateful for the opportunity Sage gave me to attend the event. You don't have to work in the digital world to benefit from TDC. It's something I'd really look at attending again.  

TDC16 tickets are already on sale. Keep May 10th & 11th free. Tickets starting from £99 and are available here.

'It's not complicated, it's just hard'

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