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Saturday Night at Sambuca Durham

Last weekend I have spent with my Dad as he is busy running back and forth to Italy with work for the next week weeks.

We went to the football match on Saturday afternoon and then headed for a night out in Durham.

It was my Mam's idea to go to Sambuca in Durham as there was a singer on who she wanted to see.

 Imagine her disappointment on Saturday night when we entered the restaurant and there was a different singer on.

He sang a range of different songs. Including my all time favourite Frank Sinatra.

We were seated at our both and were quickly given menus.

We started off with Beers, Vodka tonic and tomato garlic bread.

Then onto the red wine.

It's worth remembering if it's your birthday Sambuca have a little surprise for you.

A nice shot of Sambuca for you and a little dance on a chair in front of the whole restaurant. 

My Dad's face in this picture just after I told him they make you dance. 

You guessed the tune......Gangnam style.

After the birthday celebrations our food came.


Chicken Kiev,


Cordon bleu,

We all got a side of the most delicious chips.

Along with some onion rings.

After our mains were taken away we were given a shot of Sambuca.

My Dad isn't one for shots. But he seemed to enjoy this one. 

Me on the other hand preferred to sip this one.

Then the tastiest part of all. Eton mess.

I have to say the service in Sambuca was incredible. The music was a little loud as my throat was sore trying to have a conversation across the table.

On your way out you do get a wonderful view of Durham Cathedral. (I need to work on the settings on my camera.)

Fantastic place if your planning on having a large birthday party and I can imagine kids would love it. For all 4 of us with numerous beers came to under £95 great value for money.

With restaurants in Ashington, Heaton Park, Forest Hall, South Sheilds, Sunderland, Whitley Bay, Tyne Tunnel, Blyth, Hartlepool, 3 in North Sheilds and of course Durham so if you're in the North East there won't be one too far away.

I've been wondering are there any posts you'd like to see on my blog? Leave any suggestions in the comments or feel free to tweet me.

Saturday Night Out.


  1. Aha! We have one of these where I live....I went last year with a group of friends. It was two of their birthdays and they ended up standing on chairs Such fun! The only complaint we had was they tried to rush us through our meal....

    1. I'd need a hell of a lotta drink to get up on the chairs. It was so funny watching people get up. Katie x

  2. What a fun time! Hi from the US... Have just stumbled upon your blog and love your content!

    1. Hi there. Thanks for stopping by. Katie x

  3. I often hear mixed reviews about Sambuca's but from your pictures, the food looks nice enough to me!

    Jenny | That Northern Gal

    1. If you want your food with atmosphere I couldn't recommend any where better. Katie x

  4. I always think of Sambuca as incredibly cheap and cheerful but you have proven this is not the case - looks like a fab place for a livelier night out x

    1. It was very lively my poor Mam can hardly hear at the best of times. Katie x

  5. yum the food looks so good!

  6. This is such a lovely post and all your pictures are great!!! Food looks so yummy ha! :)

    Layla xx

    1. Thank you Layla. I need to work on the settings on my camera. Katie x


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