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Getting A Bit Fitter For Colourama

3 weeks ago I signed up to St Cuthberts sponsored 5k Walk/Run. Colourama.

You may have seen this picture on my twitter.

Now I'll admit, I've been doing a little practice on walking 5k. It's really not that far but I wanted to know I could do it. So with the help of my fitbit (as it tells me how far I've walked) Alfie and Molly have been getting some nice long walks.

And that's what I did last night.

2 Emily's, Molly, Alfie and I went on a walk. Thanks to the 2 Emily's I got some great photos to share with you.

'Alfie this is a ball, I'll throw it and you've got to chase after it and bring it back'

Here is Alfie completely ignoring the game.

I'm really looking forward to June 6th, mainly for the colour festival that comes after the walk/run AND the fun fair and live music to celebrate afterwards.

 Image source.

As the event is taking place in Durham it's pretty accessible and I've managed to get some of my friends to take part for added extra fun.

If you want to get involved it isn't too late to sign up which you can do online here. Look at how much fun it looks!!

I promise to do post about it afterwards. I can't wait to get some photos of the colour festival.

Please let me know if you sign up! So now you know I'll be walking this weekend. What will you be up to? I hope the rain stays away it looked incredibly cloudy yesterday.



  1. This looks wildly fun!

  2. This looks wildly fun!


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