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Daddy's 80th Birthday Party

Last week my Dad turned 80.

I feel a little sad about my Dad turning 80 and it's something I'm finding hard to put into words. I think I'm feeling like this because 80 sounds so old.

My Daddy is without a doubt my hero, my best friend, my teacher and there is never a day goes by where I don't talk to him.

On his actual birthday we had a family breakfast then after work Mum had made a chicken dinner where a few neighbours and R came around for a good old drink. 

But we couldn't let turning 80 go out with a bang. On Saturday people travelled from across the UK to celebrate at Spennymoor Town Hall.

I wore my Ted Baker skirt, black top, black bag and my Christian Louboutin's made their debut. I  felt like Cinderella in her glass slippers.  

We had a fantastic night. My Mam and I made a short speech each.

I wrote my speech while the food was being served and then I couldn't read my own writing so I just kind of winged it a little bit.

After Dad had thanked everyone for coming the entertainment started.

Brendan Healy did a turn and he was SO funny. If you have never seen him in action I urge you too. I've seen him 3 times in the last 6 months and he is one of the best North East comedians!

Chris Dakers was the singer.

Honestly as quick as the party started, it was coming to an end. 

Chris (The singer) made everyone gather to the dance floor and form a circle around my Dad.

We all sang Happy Birthday to him and then we all sang a little bit of Frank Sinartra, New York New York.

Dad wasn't on his own for too long. Mam joined him for a dance.

At midnight our carriage arrived to take us home where we carried on the party and R and I didn't make it home till half 4. Which I am feeling this morning.

Dad asked for no presents and if people did want to give something they were to donate to St Cuthbert's charity. Once I get the figure I'll let you know how much last night raised.

Now I'm off for a cold shower and on the hunt for a Sunday lunch. Ohhhh head is feeling it today. 

Happy Birthday Dad

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