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Coffee With Currys At Revolution Newcastle

The weekend is almost in reach.
It's Friday and I want to tell you about the cocktails I had last night. 

If you like coffee and/or alcohol this post is up your street. At this point I should tell you, I really hate the taste of coffee although there is nothing better than the smell of freshly grounded coffee on a morning with breakfast.

Last night I made my way to Revolution in Newcastle to attend my first real blogging event.
I looked nervous as if it was my first day at school and I'm sure people in Revolution must have thought I was on a first date as I looked a little bit lost when I walked in. But swiftly I made some new friends and we stuck together all night.

How beautiful is the celling in Revolution? I'm pretty sure it used to be a bank a long time ago.


It's coffee week and to celebrate Currys had kindly asked us to celebrate with them.

Firstly we were all given a welcome cocktail which to be honest I have no idea what it was but it did have milk in and tasted very much like coffee.

Then it was time to get our hands dirty or sticky in my case and make some cocktails.

We were set with the task of making Espresso Martini.

Firstly you'll need lots of ice.

2 shots of vanilla vodka.

A drizzle of gomme syrup.

Add as much or as little coffee as you wish.


Then shake.

I told you I love the smell of Coffee.

Now it's time to get the cocktail into the glass. Which I am far to unsteady to do.

Impressive huh?

After out Coffee cocktails we all got a Rainbow shot. Head over to my instagram for a video of the spectacular way the shot hit the glass.

But I had a really good night and met some great girls.

Rachael - Caseys closet & Imii - Nettle & Blackberry.

We rounded the night off with food and mingling and 2 chances to win a coffee machine thanks to Currys which Rachael won 1 and she was SO happy. 

If you're interested in what I am wearing.

Top //  ASOS
Trousers // Zara (I bought them last year from Belgium and can't find anything similar sorry)
Shoes // ASOS

Now I'm going to admit it here and now. I don't like coffee in my alcohol but I had a fantastic night!



  1. It sounds like you had a good night, making the espresso martini must have been fun, bet it tasted so nice as well!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

  2. I'm so sorry I didnt get a proper chance to speak to you! You're right though it was an amazing night

    1. I know Rachel, next time I'll come and say hello. Katie x

  3. I'm gutted I couldn't attend, it looks like it was a great night. Mind you, I don't like coffee so I'm not sure how the cocktails would have gone down!

    Jenny | That Northern Gal

    1. I'm not a fan of coffee. The first cocktail was amazing. Katie x


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