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Breakfast at Quay Ingredient

I've been pretty quite on here this week. Please forgive me. I've been super busy and I promise to tell you what I've been getting up to.

But as all days should start with a good breakfast I'm going to tell you about the best breakfast I had yesterday.

I hopped on the 0724 train through to Newcastle especially for this. With sleep still in my eye and rain bouncing from the floor, me and my nice white jeans made the wet walk from Central station in Newcastle to the Quayside.

Hannah and I had arranged to have breakfast at Quay Ingredient. Which is right under the Tyne Bridge.

As I arrived I ordered a peppermint tea mainly to warm me up as I waited for Hannah to join.

The cosy café started to fill up with couples and business men and by the time we came to order food it was completely full.

I took ages to decide what to have, was it going to be butter milk pancakes or avocado toast. The I got completely blind sided by something called a breakfast burrito.

Hannah ordered asparagus wrapped in ham that came with poached eggs and hollandaise sauce. Which was much more photogenic than mine.

Yes I ordered the non photogenic breakfast burrito.

Bacon, beans, egg, hash brown all wrapped in a tortilla.

Don't worry once you cut into the burrito it looks amazing.

I can honestly say this is the nicest breakfast I have ever had in Newcastle and I'm seriously going to have to recreate it at home.

I washed it down it down with hot chocolate (which by the way I usually only drink in Winter months but it was bloody freezing).

Hannah and I got carried away gossiping that we didn't realise the time and had to make a mad dash across the Tyne to get to Thinking Digital which I'll tell you more about next week. So stay tuned.

The Breakfast Burrito.

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