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Breakfast at The Botanist Sloane Square

Saturday morning started at around half 4 when I was awoken by a work phone call.

As our room we were staying in was so tiny Emily was also woken up too.

We laid in our bed till a reasonable hour when we decided to get up and go on the hunt for breakfast.

Breakfast is in fact my favourite meal to eat out but rarely every do.

Our first stop was The Breakfast club in Soho but the queue outside was already an hour late at half 8. So we gave up that dream. I then tried to get a table in the Duck and Waffle which was fully booked. With no luck and every where we walked past was just opening or didn't do breakfasts we headed to Sloane Square.

As soon as we got out of the tube station we turned right and saw The Botanist.

Breakfast The Botanist Sloane Square London
Breakfast The Botanist Sloane Square London

At this point I was starving so would pretty much eat just anything. I had a peak through the window and saw people eating toast so I was sold. Luckily there was no wait and were taken straight to a table.

Breakfast The Botanist Sloane Square London

We were given a menu and then the long decisions of what to actually order.

I went for free range Burford eggs poached eggs on sourdough toast.

With added butter for full effect.

I love a runny poached egg. I ordered a side order of beans too but sadly they didn't arrive until I had almost finished.

Emily went for The Botanist Breakfast.

It tasted as good as it looked. The sausages were my favourite.

I also came across some very good advise in the back off the drinks menu.

One to remember in fact.

'Always do sober what you said you'd do drunk. That will teach you to keep your mouth shut.'

Breakfast in London 


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