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A Gloomy Friday Date Night

Last night I had a date night with R.

On my wander around Durham last Sunday I stumbled across Lebaneat in North Bailey. A restaurant that I hadn't tried in Durham? I knew I had to get there and that's what we did last night. I took my camera along to tell you all about my new find.

As all of our dates start with me running behind schedule. So my outfit was literally thrown together as I was blending my eye shadow and running out the door. R is ever the gentleman and waited for me patiently.

It was lashing down with rain so whatever I wore I was going to get wet and as Durham is full of cobles I opted for flat shoes. Something I feel Durham girls do to save our ankles.

The view over Prebends bridge. This is my favourite part of Durham.

Nestled between and Italian and an Indiana is Lebaneat.

Inside we were shown to our table and given menus. I let R decide what we were having as I really didn't know what to order as this is only the second time I've been to a Lebanese restaurant.

R drank a Lebanese beer while deciding what we were going to have to eat.

Inside the restaurant is what I imagine being in a Lebanese house would be like. It was full of business type men discussing how the day's meeting went, people on first dates and friends catching up.

Putting my dinner in the fate of R's hands is something I have never done before but I would do it again.

Batata harra, roast potatoes with peppers, chilli, garlic and coriander.

Arayes, bread filled with mince lamb onions and parsley. Something I wouldn't have ordered for myself but I ended up eating the most.

Between course I noticed that Lebaneat have a Shisha available which I'm sure is the only one in Durham. Handy to know if you ever want one.

R had ordered the Lebaneat mixed grill for our main course.

Which was huge but beautiful. Chicken, lamb and beef all on one plate with rice in the middle.

I could eat it all again now just looking at these photos.

We also ordered 2 flat breads. Which went perfectly with the meats.

We couldn't eat it all. If I went back I would order the smaller mixed grill and have more starters.

For 2 of us. With 2 drinks each (Vodka Tonic for me, beers for R) the bill came to over £60 which I think was rather expensive for Durham.

Once we'd paid up R and I headed to The City pub for 1 drink.

Which quickly turned into 4 and a few jager bombs.

I mean who can leave a pub where live music is playing. I couldn't resist a little sing a long to 'No diggity' Shorty get down...good got 'em open all over town.

My 'singing' and dancing around still kept a pub full of people.

We retired home and now I'm in bed writing about how good last night was while watching Fawtly towers box set.

I wonder where tonight is going to take me. I hope these clouds blow over.

What are you doing tonight?

Friday night datin'


  1. The nights where you go out not expecting much turn out to be the best! I think the food looks amazing. We never venture to Durham though - too far from Northumberland I think! LOL!

    1. It is a little bit of a trek for you. But if you do find yourself lost in Durham looking for some Lebanese food. I've found just the place! Katie x

  2. The food looks good I love that bread stuffed with meat dish it's one of my favourites #nebloggers

    1. I loved it. Will be trying some more. Katie x

  3. The food looks delicious! Especially the meaty dishes haha x

    1. Ha me too. The Chicken was my favourite. Katie x


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