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Vujon - Newcastle

Friday night Ryan had organised a mystery date night. 

Very exciting. 

Insisting I didn't want to have a clue other than what should I wear. If you're interested click here. We walked towards Newcastle Quayside's. 

Ryan and I love a good curry. Ryan more than me. He loves eating and cooking them. I love eating them. Match made in heaven. 

He had told me that this was his favourite curry house in Newcastle. I was slightly surprised he hadn't taken me here sooner but eager to try. 

We ended up outside Vujon.

Set in the most beautiful building. 

The interior is very 'Indian' browns and creams with a modern splash of pink. With a relax atomosphear it was the perfect place for a Friday night date. 

When it comes to ordering a curry I'm a creature of habit. I always order the same curry. Chicken tikka masala with a peshwari naan and a side of poppadoms. 

My curry was creamy with just the right amount of spice. My peshwari naan on the other hand was huge.

The bottom one was mine and the top was Ryan's keema naan. Huge but tasted so sweet and went perfect with my tikka masala.

Ryan ordered Zaal Jhool Murgh. He loved it but it was far too out of my spice comfort to try. 

All accompanied with a side of pilau rice which we shared.

The food was so good we ate as much as we could until our tummy's told us we could eat no more. What was left they were more than happy to bag up for later.

That was until the chocolate mints came an I ate my share.

If you're looking for a good curry on the Quayside look no further.

It was beautiful. 

Date night.


  1. Amazing pictures, it looks so beautiful!! :)<3

  2. How exciting! So sweet of him to do that :) The place looks amazing - hope you had a lovely time :)

    xo Mel || Sketch & Scribbles


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