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This Weeks Notes #11

This week has been one long week. I think it's because we've had 2 short weeks this one has just seemed to drag on. 

1. I finally got my picture I bought in New York framed and put up on my wall. I'm trying to source some art for my house. For my next piece I think I might get something more local like Durham Cathedral. 

2. I've become a slight addict with smoothies. My favourite is banana and peanut butter. I've had them for breakfast every day this week.

3. My white jeans finally had their first outing on Friday night. I wrote a small outfit post if you want to read it.

4. This week I changed up my evening cleansing routine using my Clinique balm and Clarins cleansing gel. The perfect combo.

5. After weeks of wanting to go my sister and I finally went to see Cinderella. We went yesterday with my friend and her daughter. It was my favourite movie I have seen this year. If you haven't seen it yet go before it finishes!! 

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