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This Weeks Notes #10

What a week. We have a bank holiday weekend and everyone thinks they can fit 5 days work into 4. It has been super busy but I am glad it is over.

1. I finally finished Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone and took it back to the Library on Tuesday. I've started on the second book. Which will no doubt take me just as long to read.

2. I went shopping on Monday to the Metro centre and bought 2 new pairs of shoes from Dune. The pink ones are called Maeby and the brown ones are called Fraggel. I really struggle to find shoes to fit as my foot is so narrow so I was over the moon when I didn't walk out of these. 

3. Since getting my fitbit I have been much more active during the day. Making myself get up from behind my desk. Every little helps. 

4. I went to my first blogging event yesterday #travelmassive. I was really nurvous at first but everyone was so lovely. I took this picture of the Tyne bridge. It was such a lovely day in Newcastle. 

5. Two dear friends got married yesterday. My cousin caught the bouquet. It landed right in front of me. I never jumped out the way so quick. So there'll be no wedding from me anytime soon. 

TWN #10

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