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#PamperBanter Grabbing Some Time To Read My Book

Hello my name is Katie and I am an Harry Potter Addict.

No joke.

I have been scrounging as much time as possible to finish the first book and I only have a few chapters left. Just as well as it needs to go back to the library on the 7th.

I should really add here that I am a really slow reader so getting through a book within 3 weeks is a pretty tough challenge for me.

Bath time is the perfect bit of me as it's where I close the door, leave the world behind and get chance to enter into the world of Hogwarts.

Obviously while I am in the bath I need a little bit of pamper time too.

I found N Spa bubble bath deep in the depths of my wardrobe which I must have put there for safe keeping, along with a No 7 cleanser. Smells of vanilla and leaves lots of bubbles. I hope Asda still stock this but I doubt it.

After using some Bioderma for a quick like cleanse to remove my make up I put Botanics shine away clay mask on as my first cleanse. Just left it on long enough for it to start to dry slightly.

Then I popped my Clarins pure melt cleanser on. The more I use this the more I like it. After the clay my skin was thank for a little bit of a change of texture.

To moisturizers after I used the last bit of this tub from Soap and Glory The righteous butter. Sadly this tub is not empty. But do not panic I have an extra tub stashed away!

What's in the mug I hear you cry?! Well it's a Horlicks, I'm addicted to the stuff again. Perfect unwinding drink.

I just need this bank holiday weekend so I can finally finish book one and move on to the second book. Wish me luck please.


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