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My First Week with Fitbit

Last Sunday before I headed to The Broad Chare for lunch I popped to Argos and bought a Fitbit. 
Fitbit is like a watch. It's tells the time, counts how many steps you do, monitors your heart rate, how many kilometers you've walked, how many calories you've burnt and how many stairs you've climbed. 

I chose the charge HR in Black.

It was dead easy to set up you basically just download the app and away you go, however the first day I got the feeling it was working properly. 

Monday was my first day which was a bit of a write off as I had somehow managed to add an extra 70 stone on my weight so nothing added up right. 

Let's class Tuesday as my first day. 

I noticed that I've been walking a lot more to get and generally being more active. It has inspired me to go to the gym for one more session than usual and even just taking a longer route to the car or the shops to get my steps higher for the day. 

It needs charging every 3 days which I just use the plug from my iphone and use the cable it came with and it is charged within 2 hours. The cable clips in to the back of the Fitbit.

I receive emails when I have reached a new goal which really gives me that extra confidence I was lacking. 

I've worn it every day (even when it thought I was over 70 stone) and I hope my fitness improves as I start to move around more. 

The app keeps a record of all the days you are active with Fitbit which keeps track of all your readings. 

Apparently my heart rate is really high when I am at work and I don't do enough steps at work either so my conclusion is that work is apparently bad for me.

It is really simple to use and pretty actuate as I did double check my steps and heart rate a few times just to make sure. The only down side I have is that it is pretty chunky on my tiny wrist. It also vibrates when my phone is ringing which is really handy when my phone is buried in the bottom of my bag.

The downside is it isn't waterproof. Meaning I can't swim in it which I was pretty disappointed about as I love swimming. 

It's a pretty expensive watch considering it's not really that pretty. Costing £119.99. But I have to admit I love using mine and hopefully in the long run my resting heart rate will come down.

Only time will tell.


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