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BBC Newsbeat Edinburgh // Election 2015

It was only a few weeks ago when I decided to keep politics away from my blog but after taking part in the Edinburgh debate and failing to get any of my points or questions a cross I wanted to tell you how I feel the BBC handled the programme. 

Although politics is something I feel extremely passionate about it can be quite controversial. It can split opinion and everyone thinks they know what's best for the country.  
When the BBC newsbeat team contacted me via Twitter last Wednesday asking if I would be interested in taking in part in their third and final live debate I honestly jumped at the chance. 
Super excited I took Tuesday afternoon off work and made my way up to Edinburgh. Nervous but excited I had questions I wanted to ask. Points I wanted to make. 

I collected my tickets from the station and I was staying the Jurys inn. Not too far away from the  venue which was Mansfield Traquair Centre. Absolutely beautiful building.

Mansfield Traquair

So after a brief we were sat in our seats being told we were live in 5,4,3...start clapping.

We were under way.

I stood up 3 times with a microphone in my hand and never got chance to make any points. 

(Photo courtesy of the BBC)

The BBC is meant to be impartial however the debate was very left wing. Very few points were brought up about supporting business leaders. Whom at the end of the day are vital for the survival of our eccomeny and our jobs. 

Labour are set on raising the tax for high earners. I wanted to ask surely that would only push people into hiding their money in other countries? Why not tax them fairly and encourage them to pay their taxes within the UK? Which in the long run will surely generate more money. Also setting the minimum wage higher so quickly would cause smaller business too much pressure too quickly that people would end up losing their jobs. 

I want a Parliament that is going to look after business and business leaders. At the end of the day it is the business's that are the driving force of the success of the NHS, schools, armed forces and other public services. Because that is where the injection of cash comes from.

After the debate I headed to the hotel bar where we carried on the debate a little bit further with 2 guys who I sat next to during the programme who were also from the North East. 

I decided to head to bed around half 11, angry and frustrated. 

On my way to the lift I bumped in to two other lads and one of their father's that were also at the debate sat in a different section to me. I also got the feeling they thought the debate was one sided we had an extremely good debate on the corridor. We were there till 1 am discussing how the show went, how we feel that questions were left out etc. And I actually thought if only the BBC had the balls  to show the things we were discussing it would have turned out to be a much better show. 

I didn't enjoy the show at all in fact I was glad when the show ended where I did get a short time talking to a few of the politicians, Jonathan Arnott for UKIP, Danny Alexander Liberal Democrats and Gavin Brown Conservative. Where they were helpful and answered all questions I asked them. (I know unusual for a politician ey?) 

Gavin Brown Conservative
Gavin Brown Conservative

Danny Alexander Liberal Democrats
Danny Alexander Liberal Democrats

Nevertheless. May the 7th is only a few days away and I do encourage everyone to vote. Your vote does count. Regardless of what anyone says! 

As for the typical BBC, I hope they'll change. But I seriously doubt it.

Election 2015. 


  1. Well done Katie! I watched the debate and agree it was very one sided. It's a shame you didn't get to raise your points, it would have made for a far more interesting debate x

    1. Thanks Katie. It would have made it more interesting. Although I might have needed an escort back to the hotel!! Ha. Hope you're well! Katie x


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