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Instagramming #2

It's been a while since I had a bit of an Instagram catch up.

Instagram Newcastle Lifestyle skincare smoothie Cinderella

1. Tyne bridge.
2. #Pamperbanter and my evening cleanse.
3. Morning banana and peanut butter smoothie.
4. Cinderella.

Instagram Football Peppermint Tea Essentials
5. Watching Newcastle get beat.
6. After match tea.
7. Morning essentials.
8. Night essentials.
Instagram Barry M Icecream bubbles nandos
9. New nail polish I'm obsessed with. Post here.
10. First ice cream of the season.
11. Wednesday night champagne.
12. Thursday night Nandos.
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  1. I absolutely adore that nail varnish!!! Amazing colour. Great post idea too :)

    Lauren xx - bylaurenjane

    1. I love the colour too. I haven't stopped wearing it. Katie x

  2. i love the photos! and your blog is just perfection! I had to follow :)xx

    1. Thank you that's really sweet of you. Katie x

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