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11 Reasons I want to go Back to Las Vegas

I first visited Vegas back in November 2013. Believe it it feels like a life time ago. I went with my girl friend we were both single and we had the best week. 
I'm looking for any excuse to go back. I always try and go to new places but I have 11 very valid reasons why I need to go back.
1. The clubs. We were whisked to VIP a few times which made the experience a million times better. But I had never seen so many people in one place in my life. My favourite was Hakkasan which was in our hotel MGM. Teiesto was playing the first night we went there. 

2. The weather. Even in Noember there was sun hot enough for shorts (even when the rain did come). 
MGM Pool Las Vegas
3. The food. Imagine the best food you've ever eaten in your life. Then times it by 100. That's how good it is. 

4. The fact that you're in America but can also visit Paris and Venice. 

5. The drinks. Similar to the food. But no one batteres an eyelash if you order a frozen dariqri with your eggs at breakfast. 

6. The shows. Ok I only made it to a strip show and a Drake concert but they both were amazing and I don't even like Drake! 

Thunder Down Under Las Vegas
Drake Las Vegas
7. The sights. Weather it be the hotels, the skyline or the differently dressed people you walk past. 

8. The pools. I was out of season so there were no pool parties for me but I will be back to sample them one day. 

MGM Pool Las Vegas
9. The fact that it really is Sin city. You can see anything happen right in front of you. Like a hooker slapping a fella, an old guy asking you for a drink and in return he'd buy me anything I wanted or being carried back stag at the strip show and your friend getting locked out of the room. Anything can happen.  

Caesars Palace Las Vegas
10. The Hotels. The Casinos in the hotels. The attractions which each hotel has. Everything you can ever want is in the middle of the desert and down one strip of hotels.

Las Vegas Casino
11. The memories. The nights I can't really remember and the worst hangovers of my life. I'd do it all again in a heartbeat. 
Right. Anyone fancy a trip over?! 

Las Vegas. 

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