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This Weeks Notes #8

What a week this has been for news. In case you've lived under a rock this week. Zayne left one direct, Jeremy Clarkson got sacked which will probably mean James May and Richard Hammond will leave the BBC too, there was a horrific plane crash in the French Alps and of course all the goings on of the up and coming election in May. This all happened before Wednesday night....I needed the weekend to let everything sink in.

1. I might be a few years late to the party but I have finally downloaded Stylist to my phone. I find it pretty hard to get hold of a copy in the North so thank you Iphone!!

2. After getting 4 lots ASOS parcels and having to send 2 back, I think I have finally found some new clothes for Spring which I am comfortable in! Halleluiah.

3. I went out for dinner this week to CafĂ© 21 for a wonderful ladies 82nd Birthday. I love the 21 hospitality group Terry Laybourne is a fantastic Chef and anywhere he opens is always beautiful.

4. I've had a few weekends away from home the last few so this weekend I've had my camera out and finally started to take some more beauty related photo's for my blog. Don't  forget you can follow me on Bloglovin' here.

5. We have a new member of the family this week. Say hello to beautiful Harvey. My cousin's new puppy. He is only 9 weeks and is SO TINY. You forget how little doggies. He's a Beagle and was so playful when I went to meet him on Tuesday. I just wanted to take him home with me.

TWN #8

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