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This Weeks Notes #7

This has been such a busy week this week and there's no sign of it slowing down for the weekend. 

1. I'm back reading my favorite book Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone. When I was younger my Mam bought me the first 2 Harry Potter books on CD so I could listen to them and I honestly think I've heard them around 100 times. Since being old and my reading got better I've read the book around 10 times. I picked this one up from the library as I have no idea where my copy is, I looked a bit odd picking this up from the Children's section. 

2. The lip of this week has to be Tanya Burr's Picnic in the park. Such a lovely pink shade, not sticky and has a bearable smell. 

3. I've eaten out every night this week even to the same restaurant twice. Frankie & Benny's has opened in the Arnison Center in Durham. It's not really some where I would have gone to but my Dad seem's to love it (so much he has been three times now!) It's a happy friendly restaurant that probably has the same menu up and down the country but it's very handy to have on our door step. 

4. Of course this week was the week of the Solar Eclipse. I was at work and as I didn't manage to get my hands on any of the funky glasses I wore a welding mask to watch it. Well the 10 seconds the clouds cleared up so I could see it. I love the anything to do about stars/space so I was a little disappointed the weather was so poor. 

5. Don't forget to entre my giveaway!! It has really took off this week and a lot of people have already entered. Thank you for spreading the word.  

TWN #7

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