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This Weeks Notes #4

I'm back from NYC! The jet lag is horrible and I am trying my best to get a long with life but my head is constantly pounding. However my post's will be more regular and more up to date from now on. Anyway, on to this weeks notes.

1. I did a post on Monday with what was in my NYC skincare bag. I had planned to take Eve Lom cleanser with me and on my first night after traveling what felt like million miles I was desperate to clean my face and was horrified when realised I forgot to pack it. Thanks to Sephora and their isle of doom (the mini products on the way to the till) I picked up this Olehenriksen pure truth melting cleanser. I used this as my first cleanser all 5 days. It was my saviour.

2. A lot of sight seeing happened in New York my favourite was doing Top of the Rock at Rockafella centre. The views were fabulous. We just so happened to be there for sun set and it was the most magical moment I've had in a long time. 

3. It took 4 flights to get from Newcastle to New York and back again and I felt I had perfected my inflight beauty bag from the last time. My favourite was the yes to cucumber face wipes. They smell divine and they did the job of getting the plane crap off my face.  

4. We walked that much last week I had to buy some trainers. I picked up these Nikes. The colour is extremely bright. I think if I wasn't in such a rush I would have picked up a different colour but I just had to buy the ones the guy brought out to me to try on. They are super comfy thought.

5. The best thing about going away is coming home. It feels s good to be back in the north east. As much as I loved New York I missed see grass and trees.

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