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The River Cafe - Brooklyn

Our journey here started 30 years ago when my Mam regularly came to New York on business and she used to come to the restaurant almost on every trip.

The drive to the front door was magical with fairy lights and the snow really set the scene giving a real Christmas vibe to the city.

Entering through the double doors. 

You you are transported from Brooklyn into a jungle of flowers. Then on to the restaurant which is boat themed room with live piano music twinkling in the background. 

As we sat down and given menus we were told our captain for the evening would be over shortly to take our order. 

The vibe in the restaurant was romantic and chilled I felt like I was in 'old New York' as so many people kept telling me 'old New York' was the best. I got a little feeling of what they meant. Men wore jackets while ladies were to dress smart. 

The meal started off with an amuse bouche of tomato soup and a fennel pastry. 

Then along came my Wild Shrimp 'Oscar Style' which was pacific blue shrimp, king carb meat, white asparagus with citrus Maltaise sauce. I have never seen prawns as big as they were here this photo does not do them justice of how big they were. They tastes beautiful.  

My sister ordered the Ravioli to start which came from fresh corn custard, wild chanterelle mushrooms and grilled picked purplette onion.

My Mam ordered the Hudson Valley foie gras two ways (as I predicted). Service firstly the classic way pressed terrine and secondly a foie gras mousse all served with fresh rhubarb and warm grilled brioche.

You know food is good when my Mam and sister stop any kind of conversation and they dig in. The starters were delicious.

Now for the best bit. My main course. I only started to eat lamb a little under a year ago, it was my boyfriend Ryan who got me into it and now I can get enough and when I saw the Lamb that the lady who was sat on the table next to me had I knew I had to order it. 

It came cooked to my liking which is medium rare and I can still taste it now! The Merguez sausage was a bit too spicy for me but still tasted wonderful. 

Emily went on to have the Chicken (another classic prediction). It did look darn good though.

The young chicken came roasted with chestnut, porcini and sage stuffing along with tiny turnips and glazed carrot. Drizzled in madeira jus.

For mains my Mam ordered Lobster.

The Nova Scotia Lobster came with sweet and sour butternut squash with celery root puree and Brussels sprout leaves.

As if the food wasn't good enough check out the pudding!!

This work of art is the Chocolate Brooklyn Bridge. A milk chocolate marquise with raspberry sorbet, vanilla ice cream with crisp meringue and a dark chocolate glaze. Honestly it was amazing! Not at all sickly which I was worried about when it was brought to me.

Of course Emily ordered the sorbet place and in true Emily style she changed the menu a little bit and got raspberry, pineapple and passion fruit served on a bed of mint salad and grains of paradise tuile.

And the Apple "crisp" for Mam. Caramelized apples with warm almond cake, green apple sorbet and vanilla ice cream. From the lady who doesn't usually order puddings she ate the lot.

Now there is a secret I have kept from you it wasn't just the food or the décor that blew me away about The River Café. It was the view.

Sat right underneath Brooklyn bridge it over looks the wonderful lights of Manhattan.

This was the best photo as there was glass in the way. Can you see the ice in the river?

It was a costly evening. The 3 courses cost $120. It was the most romantic place I have ever been.

I just hope I don't have to wait 30 years till I'm there next. 

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