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The Broad Chare - Newcastle

The Broad Chare is a what I would call a 'posh pub' or as most would call it is a Gastro pub and it does proper pub grub.

 It's been on my extensive list of places to eat in Newcastle for a long time. So yesterday me and the other half finally bit the bullet and made a booking to go a long for Sunday lunch.

Part of the 21 hospitality group so I was expecting big things from The Broad Chare.

Before yesterday I didn't know where the Broad Chare was, I just knew it was some where along the Quayside. It was just as well Ryan knew where we were going as I've walked passed the pub numerous times but never really noticed it. (Near Café Vivo and Café 21 if you know the Quayside.)

As you walk through the double doors it tells you what the dish of the day is. Of course on a Sunday it is roast beef and Yorkshire pudding.

Inside it is a basic pub, yet stylish. Nothing fussy was going on just like an old English pub should be.

Down stairs was the pub with tall stools and booths to sit in. You can order from the main menu to eat at the bar as well as the bar snacks.

Upstairs is the restaurant. The vibe was very relaxed as expected for a Sunday.

The menu was already on the table used as a placemat. Which was great as I love good look through the menu after my order has been taken.

The drinks menu had an impressive 11 pages full of alcohol. Different wines, beers and spirits. A beer lovers dream.

I stuck to a good old bit of Orange juice and some water to accompany my dinner. Enough alcohol has passed through my system the last few weeks.

For starter I had something from the bar snacks. Cauliflower fritters with curry mayonnaise. I hate cauliflower but I had this dish in Bistro 21 years ago so I knew it was be good. It was better then I remembered!

They were so good. The curry mayonnaise wasn't spicy but it just had a nice kick to it.

The main event, we both ordered the dish of the day.

Beef served pink with cabbage, crushed carrot and Yorkshire pudding. The only moan I would have is that the gravy was a little thin however it was so tasty.

The roast taties were so good. Proper roasties. The Yorkshire pudding was so light a fluffy made to perfection.

For sides Ryan wanted some mash potato and with our lunch a side order of cabbage and bacon came. The mash is so creamy and tasty as was the bacon and cabbage side extremely tasty. 

We were far to full for pudding but I would have loved to indulge in some cheese.

I recommend you book as there were lots of people turned away from coming up the stairs.

For one bar snack, two mains, a side dish and two drinks the bill came to £37.70 which I was more than happy with as the food really did taste so good.

I can't wait to go back. I'd love to go to the pub after a day shopping for some more bar snacks.

If you do go or have been please let me know. I'd love to know what you think about the pub.

I love Sunday lunch. 

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