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Lush - Dark Angels

A while ago now I started the search for the perfect scrub. 

My search took me to Lush in the look for a nice exfoliant for my face.

I spoke to a young lad in the shop at the MetroCenter and he recommended me Dark Angels.

Dark Angels is a solid cleanser although it is pretty flaky and trying to get hold enough of the cleanser it's pretty hard.

First impression it looks like coal.

Second impression it applies like coal but has a really nice smell. Now I haven't exactly ever took coal and put it all over my face however, if I did I can imagine it wouldn't be just as hard to remove as Dark Angels 

The ingredients includes black sugar, powdered charcoal, Avocado oil, rosewood oil and Rhassoul mud. 

The black sugar acts as a natural exfoliant helping remove dead skin cells, Rhassoul mud draws out impurities and gives your skin a deep cleanse, Avocado oil which is known to help reduce age spots and scars and rosewood oil is antiseptic when applied to skin. 

To apply to your skin, take a pinch of cleanser, mix with water which makes the cleanser into a paste when rub over your face. 

My skin is pretty normal other than my T-zone which depending on the weather can be oily. 

I did find this worked on my skin but honestly rubbing it off was a nightmare. When I used this in the shower it went all over! And you don't even want to know the first time I used this in the skin! It looked like I'd been down the pit!!

I wouldn't repurchase this again. It was a good cleanser but washing it was the worst. It set me back £6.75. I didn't finish the product I just got so sick of cleaning my shower tray after every use. But if you would like to give Dark Angels ago for yourself you can pick it up from their website 

Have you tried Dark Angels before?

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