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Love at First Louboutin

I've lusted after a pair of red soles forever. 

Then on Christmas Day I didn't need to lust anymore as Ryan had bought me a pair. 

 I cried with delight. 

Pigalle 100mm. Exactly the ones I have lusted after forever. 

Then I cried some more as they were the wrong size. 

I had to send them back.

As I'm a bit funny with shoes I decided against reordering them on the internet but waiting to go to a store that stocked them and trying a pair on. 

So in New York I made the way to Saks 5th Avenue. Really my Mam and I were in search of a drink we were more interested in the Champange bar that we didn't even know they sold Loubtion. But my cousin Clare joined us and said they had them in stock down stairs. I drank my Champange and egerly made my way down! 

Traditionally I am a size 5/5.5 (38/38.5) but I actually ended up getting these in 4.5 (37.5) which I was a little shocked at as the sales guy in Saks stopped asking me for what size I would like and just kept bringing different ones out.  

I am so excited to wear them for the first time I am just worried they lose their redness.

Merci beaucoup Ryan, I am in love!

Louboutin Lovin' 


  1. These are so beautiful. I'd be too scared to wear them!

    1. I am a little scared Abbie. I need a sensible night out now. Maybe wear them for dinner some where. Katie x

  2. You are one lucky lucky lady! WOW! What a present! Make sure you do an outfit post the first time you wear them!

    Chloe x

    1. I know Chloe. I couldn't believe how lucky I was! I will do an outfit post when I first wear them. (If I get the bottle) Katie x

  3. I got my Louboutins re-soled by a cobbler-they can get the exact red of the Louboutins but in a rubber that goes just on the bit that hits the floor and will stop the red wearing off

    Stacey | Expat Make-Up Addict


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