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Girls Night Out - New York

Throw 4 girls together,
A few bars
Add a great restaurant in New York
There you have the ingredients for one great unplanned night out. 

I've always been a firm believer that unplanned nights are always the best. I was wearing black jeans, trainers and a thermal top. Not my usual night out gear but it was all about the people I was with. 
Emily my sister, Clare my cousin and our friend Rosie who is from New York. 

We found ourselves in the Meat Packing district and decided to stay out a little later than usual and have a few drinks. The Meat Packing district was my favourite part of NYC. It was so trendy with a great vibe.
We started off how any other girly night out starts and went for cocktails at The Sugar Factory
Clare and I ordered a Goblet! Look at how huge it is. 

Sugar factory is famous for its goblet (so I had been told). We ordered Lillipop Passion. All I remember was it was incredibly sweet. I think the Lillipop was the highlight of it to be honest. We couldn't drink it all. We might be hard northern women but the goblet did defeat us. 

Emily on the other hand was a little more sensible and ordered a Watermelon Rancher.
We then set off on the look out for our next bar. 

A bar like no bar I have ever been to before. 

Hogs and Heifers

There were thousands of Bras hanging from the ceiling. 

It was great fun in here. The barmaids were extremely boisterous, swearing and when we were wondering what to have the drink one of them told us to hurry the f**k up. We giggled like little school children. 
The drinks were strong and the music was good. 

I am not one for dancing on the bar. Especially not how sober I was. But as the rest of my friends were already up the staff made me to get up too. I was picked up by a huge guy who just placed me on the bar. 

My excuse for not wanting to get on the bar was that I wanted to take photos but the barmaid correctly told me that 'it's the same f**king photo if anyone else takes it' She was right. 

All over the walls were stickers and posters. In my coat pocket I happened to have a Newcastle united sticker (you are meant to put these on your coats as you enter the bar, I never do) so I gave it to the barmaid and she stuck it up on the wall. One to look out for if you ever go. 

After two of the strongest vodka tonics I have ever had we retired from here on the search of food. Emily had done her research on food in NYC so we went on the hunt for The Spotted Pig

We ask about 3 people how to get there and they all sent us in a different direction but we did stumble across it in the end. With no sign on the door just a spotted pig hanging from the roof it wasn't the easiest to find. 

There was a 2 hour wait to get in. I knew the place must be good. We put our names down left Rosie's number in case a table came up sooner and went on search for another pub. 
After a short wait a table became available and we literately walked so quick we slipped in the ice getting there. 

 Clare & Emily

Me & Rosie

I didn't even look at the menu as the place is famous for their burgers so the waitress took our order of 4 glasses of water and 4 burgers and chips. 

The burger was delicious. I would even go as far as saying the best burger I have ever eaten.

No joke. 

The only thing I would change was the blue cheese that was on top. It was a little too strong for my liking but still tasted so good. 

The chips weren't real chips (or fries for any US readers) they were ridiculously thin.

The restaurant was so dark it was hard to get a picture. 

After we wolfed down our food it was time to head back to Times Square to retire to our beds. 

I only wish I had another few nights to spend running around the city that never sleeps with my friends. 

New York City Nights

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