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A Photo Diary from Dublin

This weekend Ryan and I took a trip over to Dublin to see some friends and have a good few pints of Guinness.

We took the 9pm flight out of Newcastle and got to the O'Callghan Davenport hotel at around half 11 and went straight to the pub over the road for a swift pint. Saturday we pretty much got up had breakfast and went to the pub till 1am (I did manage a trip to Louis Vuitton for a mothers day present). And then Sunday, well I pretty much regretted every pint I drank. We ended up at our friends house for a late breakfast and a catch up before heading back to Newcastle.

The second to last photo pretty much sums the weekend up!

Hope you had a great weekend too.

 Paddy's Weekend


  1. Great pics.

    I haven't been to Dublin for years.

    Cat x

  2. Sounds like a fun trip!
    Gotta visit Dublin someday :)

  3. Love that about Europe - it's really quite convenient to take a weekend trip like that! Amazing xx

    Erin | Erin and Katherine Talk Beauty


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