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Top 5 MAC Lipsticks

MAC was my first venture into high end make up. I still remember standing at the stand and swatching every single lipstick that caught my eye. I ended up with Crème Cup and my obsession has well and truly begun. Since that day in my early teens I have bought quite a few more MAC lipsticks and have also repurchased Crème Cup.

I've ended up with 24 now and my collection and they are still my favourite lipsticks to wear. I store them in this lipstick holder I picked up from TK Maxx.

It takes centre stage on my dressing table. Like little soldiers all lined up waiting for action. 

Ruby Woo. The perfect powder red. Worn with a simple black dress basic make up and then this power colour is enough to knock anyone off their chair.

Chatterbox. Two weeks ago when my boyfriend and I were out for dinner he called me a Chatterbox and I piped up saying 'That's what my lipstick was called' Fitting was his reply. Another pinky nude.
Girl About Town. I love the name, it's what I imagine Carrie Bradshaw would be nick named if SATC was set in Newcastle. This shade has a little more pink in than Rebel. It's the perfect spring replacement for Rebel. I also have found a matching nail polish in my collection which you can check out here. Result.

New York Apple. This was a freebie, you know when you take 6 empty products back. I really wanted Brave but it was sold out. Then I wanted Diva, that was sold out too. Everyone I seemed to pick up I already had. I really liked what one of girls who was working on the counter had on as she was serving someone I pretty much just stalked her till she was free. And voila this is what she had one. This has a slight shimmer to it. Another Red. I love red.

Rebel. So this is a little bit of a seasonal lipstick for me. Usually comes out around September time and then goes to the back of the stand around about March. When I bring out the spring colours. I wrote a whole little post dedicated to this beautiful berry colour.

I would love to hear what your top MAC lipstick is.

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  1. This is such a gorgeous post! My favorite is definitely Candy Yum Yum but it's super bright so i don't wear it as much as i wish i could! x


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