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This Weeks Notes #3

I've brought This Weeks notes post forward by a day as I'm flying to New York City today! 

What a week it has been! All I've seem to do is run around trying to find a suitcase, buying some thermals, looking for some comfortable boots and sorting out some $$$. 

1. I'm sadly starting to get over the loss of my beloved Swarovski bracelet that went missing on Friday night in the depths of Newcastle. It was the first bit of jewellery my boyfriend bought me and I only wore it on special outings. :'-(.  

2. To fight the small (tiny) annoying spots that have decided to appear on my face the last few weeks I've been exfoliating with Bitontics purifying face scrub and using Ren's Gylcolactic mask. They haven't gone all together but it defiantly helped budge a few.

3. I cracked up St Tropez express tan (after having it for over a month) I left it information 3 hours as instructed. During those 3 hours the fake tan smell was unreal but the tan that was left behind was golden. Expect a full review soon.

4. The hardest part of this week has been which make up product has made the cut to come on a trip to NYC with me. I know I'm going to buy some make up while I'm out there so I haven't gone OTT with what I have packed.

5. That is my travel on kit. I'm taking some face wipes to take off my make up and some moisturiser to try, keep my skin hydrated and a few other bit's to help me through the flight.

Next week TWN's will be back to it's usual day of Sunday. Hope you have a great weekend!

This weeks notes. 

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