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This Weeks Notes #1

I thought I'd start doing a weekly post on the beauty just general things I've been loving, doing, eating and wearing during the previous week.

1. My nails have were hideous at the start of the week. Chipped and all different lengths so I gave myself a little mani at home. There are in such bad condition that I haven't even applied colour to them this week. (This never happens)  My beloved OPI Nail envy leaked all over my beloved Mulberry Bayswater so I opted for a China glaze strengthener. 

2. I cracked open the sample pot I have of Eve Lom cleanser. My first impression was how it smelt so good. 

3. I picked up Elle magazine which came with Benefits new mascara Roller Lash. OMG. I'm in love. It's given me then longest of fullest lashes. When is the full size out? It'll be straight in my shopping bag! 

4. Back to the gym I go. I haven't been there since before I had surgery in September. I've broke it in lightly but I have really enjoyed being back into a routine. I didn't put my name down for any classes they are coming next week.

5. I FINALLY got around to watching Gone Girl. WHY DID I WAIT SO LONG. I was on the edge of my seat from start to finish. I can't wait to read the book and re-watch the movie! FYI. I want a sequel!!


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  1. I want to try the eve lom cleanser :) Might take a sniff when I'm next at a spacenk store!
    Aww chipped nails? have you tried using the seche vite top coat? I find it makes my nails last so much longer and chip free :)

    Have a good day ♥

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    X x X x X


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