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3 Things Long Hair People Need

Having long hair can some times have it's tolls and some days I do get so annoyed with it that I have serious debate with myself if I would suit shorter hair.
Tangle Teezer, me, my boyfriend and my dog all own one of these. It is the only thing I brush my hair with. It doesn't pull on your hair no matter how tangly your hair can get. Alfie (the dog) get's very knotty hair and he does flinch when we use his on him.
CoLab dry shampoo, it takes what feels like hours drying my hair and my hair really needs washing ever day. This is my time saver. I've raved more about this here.

Invisiblebobble, the best hair invention ever. No pulling your hair to bits. No leaving huge kinks in your hair and are super comfortable to wear. I can't get enough of them and recommend them to everyone out there.

What are you long haired must haves? 

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