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Winter Scents

It is proven that a scent can really lift your mood and believe me, the last week my mood really needed lifting. With all the rain, snow and wind I've been feeling a little down and sick of winter. These are the scents during this awful time that I reach for. 

Jo Malone - Oud and Bergamot. A masculine scent that is packed full of smooky, woody scent that reminds me of the middle east as Oud and Bergamot are common in their perfumes. Isn't as long lasting as some but still my favorite. It also has the black twist on the classic Jo Malone packaging. 

Marc Jacobs - Lola. My boyfriends favorite. A warm floral scent of rose and grapefruit with a hint of vanilla. Last's all day with out a top up and comes in the most eye catching bottle. 

Ellie Saab - Ellie Saab Le Parfume. A divine mixture of orange blossom, Jasmine with a dash of honey is incredible. Last's all day and transports me back to Dubai where I originally bought it. My Mum has the more intense version and whenever she wear's it I always ask what perfume she has on. 
What is your favourite winter smell?

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