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The Skincare Staples

We all have our products that our skin loves. The items in our skincare routine that never run out as you always have a back up, you know just in case. 

Here are my three my face doesn't want to think about running out of.

Elemis - Pro Radiance Cream Cleanser. For this I Thank my mother. Who has more Elemis products than a spa. She gave me my first tub of this years ago and I heart it. Used as my second cleanser, I apply all over my face and neck leave for a minuet then wash off any excess dirt. 

Hydraluron - Moisture Booster. This is the newest addition to the staples bag I have been using this for a little under a year and I have repurchased this twice now. Used during my morning routine post toner and pre moisturiser this bad boy is amazing at giving me that hydration kick. 

La Roche posay - Seroznic Spray. Once upon a time you could only buy this in France thankfully now it is available in the UK. I use this stuff morning and night after I've used a acid toner on my skin I lightly spritz this over my skin. On a morning this really helps to wake me up! I literally take this every where with me which isn't always travel friendly so LRP please bring out a miniature that I can take on the plane!   

What is in your skincare stash? 


  1. Serozinc has constantly been in my skincare routine~ I was afraid to use it up before because it is hard to get hold of in the UK. However, I was so overjoyed when I heard that it is now available to purchase here now :D Thumbs up to hydraluron too and I am wanting to try out their new gel moisturiser~

    Have a great day~ ♥

    Ying | * Y i n g c b e a u t y *

    X x X x X

    1. I know me too I did a little 'yayy' to myself when I heard they now sell it here.

      Katie x


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