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#Pamperbanter 4 The Essentials

On a Sunday I like to relax in the tub and have a little bit of pamper time.

Candles on, reading material out and ready for some relaxing me time and you'll be fresh and ready to face whatever Monday brings.

Want to hear my essentials for this little remedy? Well you're in luck.

Of course we couldn't get in the tub with out some bubbles. A real luxury bath product is Laura Mercier Honey bath. Smells good enough to eat. Doesn't leave a lot of bubbles in your bath but it does leave your skin soft and smelling delicious.

Candles really help put you in the relaxed mood. I like to put tea lights all around my bathroom so they give a lovely glow.

If you're like me and as soon as you're in the bath your bored, I recommend taking some reading material with you. Pretty Honest this honest and straight to the point book is the perfect read for any beauty junkies out there like myself or pick up a magazine as I find they are less heavy and easier to read.

A Sunday night is the perfect time to give your skin a treat. The Ren Invisible Pores detox mask gives your skin a real deep cleanse and clears out any muck you may have hanging around in your face.

After the bath why not treat your skin to the Caudalie Divine body oil. This non greasy dry oil soaks into your skin instantly and leaves a floral/woody smell behind on your body. 

Once you've completed your skincare routine is done and  in your jarmies spray This works deep sleep pillow spray on to your pillow and the top of your duvet to ensure you have the sweetest of dreams ready for Monday morning.



  1. Such nice, luxurious products to really get you relaxed ready for a new week! I haven't tried that REN mask, but I'll definitely pick it up next time I spot it when I'm shopping!



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