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Too Faced - Better than sex mascara

First up. I'd like to meet the person who actually signed this name off to go to print. It's bloody awful.

Anyway my parents told me not to judge a book by it's cover.

My Mam picked this up for me in Sephora when she was over in Spain. When she asked me if there was anything I wanted I had to whisper the name as I couldn't bring myself to say Sex to my Mam. The Catholic in me just couldn't do it.

You can pick one up from Debenhams for £19.

The packaging is amazing. Very well made and I love pulling it out of my make up bag. It is a heavy pink metallic tube makes it a very luxe product.

As you can see for the box it has some pretty big claims.

The mascara applies like a dream.

This was about half 7 in the morning so my eyes haven't had time to wake up yet.

I always curl my lashes to give the extra va va voom. 2 coats of this stuff is what I apply on a morning.

I do agree to a certain extent with what it says on the box.

The mascara has an amazing hourglass want which helps you reach the corners of my lashes.

After a day at work my manager asked if I had been crying? No. Of course not. I got my mirror out and the fall down from this mascara is unreal.

This was after 9 hours. Maybe 9 hours is enough? But not in my book. Sorry Too Faced.

I was horrified. I quickly whipped out my concealer to help me out.

Good news is that it is really easy to remove. Just a few drops off eye make up remover on a cotton pad and hold on the eye and all is removed.

I do love this mascara for the first few hours, then I just keep an eye on the fall down.

But the answer to your question is NO. 

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  1. I can't believe how much it has smudged/fallen out, that is awful! I have been wanting to try out this mascara, but I'll think I will give it a miss now!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog


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