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Suriving Party Season

As of today it's officially the start of party season. 2 weeks of nibbles, champagne and general over indulgence. 

Here's how to come out of party season as fresh as you did as you walked in.

Let's face it 2 weeks is a long time.

Nails inc Gel Effect - Top Coat. This top coat is the best at keeping those chips at bay and keeping your DIY mani looking fresh. When your free time is limited keeping your mani as fresh as you can for as long as you can is the key during this season.

Bobbi brown Shimmer Brick - Lilac Rose. A little bit of pink high lighter helps you look more 'awake' even though you might not of got back in the house till 7 am. (It has been known)

Clarins - Instant Concealer & Bobbi Brown - Corrector. Paired with Bobbi Brown this duo is bullet proof. I find hiding the dark circles you get from lack of sleep is classic me during this time of year.

Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat - Pillow Talk. CT invented this to save us getting lip filler. Gives you the perfect 3D effect you want. I have been using this pretty much non stop for the last month.
Eyeko - Mascara Off. No matter how late it may be or how much I have had to drink I always take my make up off. These are handy to have to take off your party eye make up.

Remember to drink plenty of water as Alcohol is so dehydrating. But have plenty of fun! 
Happy Partying!!

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