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Nars - Virtual Domination Cheek Pallet

Every year like tradition Nars bring out amazing make up pallets and every year I never get one in time and then they end up sold out.

Well this year I've finally broke that tradition and got my hands on one. I have no regrets spending £45 on it.

1 highlighter, 3 blushers and 1 bronzer.

Miss Liberty Highlighting Blush
Sex Fantasy Blush (Limited edition)
Deep Throat Blush
Final Cut Blush (Limited edition)
Laguna Bronzing Powder

A combined value of £117 (according to Space NK) for £45. Justified.

The packaging is solid and the cover of the actual pallet is fascinating with the snowflake like print. The mirror within is fantastic and I find myself most mornings putting my eye make up on via this. There is a slight Christmassy feel as it has the red running around the side of the box.

I didn't own any of these blushers before but I can honestly say I have found use for them all. My favourite is Deep Throat. It has been on my mental want list for years now. Sex Fantasy is a colour I don't even have similar in my blusher collection so I welcomed it with open arms. What is with all the rude names Nars?

The only down side about this pallet is the highlighter. The glitter in this is too glittery. I have used it a few times and people have said 'Do you know that you have glitter on your face?' Yes apparently I do. But it is great to use as glitter eye shadow. Which, at 24 I do think it's acceptable to wear glitter on your eyes at Christmas. (and other major holidays throughout the year)

This pallet is exclusive to Space NK and more have just been added to their website.

So now can you see why it was in my November favourites.

Do not make the mistake I make year after year pick one up! You won't regret it.

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  1. You really bought it! Very cool! I have my eyes on the coffret. Their sets are really amazing this year!


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