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This Works - Deep sleep pillow spray & Sleep Balm

It is no secret in my family that I've had a sleeping problem since my late teens. I've taking sleeping supplements called Melatonin pretty much since I was 19. Usually I take them around 5 nights a week. It doesn't matter how tired I am some night's I could actually lie awake till 5am trying to drift off and constantly checking my watch if I haven't take my melatonin. I also come home from work and have a nap quite easily before I have my tea or go out to the gym.
I heard about This Works deep sleep pillow spray a few weeks ago and I was completely sceptically about it, how can a pillow spray help you sleep. If you have read my Twilight review you'll know that my Grandmother used to spray lavender onto my pillow when I was little but I didn't think they would help. It was something she used to do as a night time routine with me.
I bought This Works pack called deep sleep night time that included the spray and the sleep balm as well from Space NK and it was £22. The spray smells of lavender and chamomile a real relaxing scent. The balm smells of lavender and is infused with coconut oils.  
So I've been using this for a week now and only to be fair I haven't taken any melatonin. The results. This actually works. I've been falling a sleep a lot quicker and been staying asleep longer meaning I don't wake up as frequently. I've also felt like I've had more energy throughout the day. I haven't had a nap all week which is an amazement to my family.
I spray around 5 or 6 squirts around my pillow and the top of my sheets around 5 minuets before I get into bed and apply the balm as instructed on my pulse points. 
The balm for me doesn't really work for me as I really can't smell anything. But I still put it on as I find the process relaxing.
My Mam has been using the Sleep+ pillow spray. This is for people who wake up during the night. A slightly more higher price at £25 also available at Space NK. So here are my Mam's thoughts on this. "I am finding myself sleeping better and some nights I am not waking up till 6am" For someone who would wake up at 3am and stay awake it's a pretty good out come.
This works are running a #sleepplus challenge as I've seen lots of other bloggers blogging about. You can have the chance to sign up on their website for a compliantly sample.
 If you do suffer from a bad nights sleep I couldn't recommend this enough.

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