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October Instagram

This is a picture heavy post!!

I love a good session on instagram. Looking through a peep hole of someone's life. If you don't follow me on Instagram you can find me at Katiejaneonline.

1. Welcome to October.
2. A nice glass of Rioja.
3. Went to Glasgow for the weekend and had the best chocolate cake ever!
4. Sunday night supper and some blogging.

5. Topshop delivery. Nothing actually fitted!
6. Alfie climbing over the kitchen work bench.
7. Ren Clarimatte Invisible Pores Detox Mask.
8. Poppies for Remembrance in the Metro centre.

9. Who doesn't love a Mac lippie?
10. The beauty box that wow'd me. You can see what was in it here.
11. Pretty Honest. Should be renamed the Beauty Bible.
12. Whilst shopping in TK Maxx I saw these little Elemis Fresh gift sets.

13. New Mac lipstick storage and there is  ONE SPARE SLOT!!
14. My friend went to New York and picked this up for me.
15. I love anything personalised.
16. Cool Halloween nails.

17. Little people's Birthdays.
18. Pamper night treats.
19. Mama went on holiday and brought me back a treat. Alfie wanted to be in on it.
20. New Ren clay cleanser.

21. My first ever lush bath bomb. You can see what I thought of it here.
22. My glamorous sister waiting for the train to London.
23. Vodka Tonic.
24. Movie quotes. Picture take from The Pearson Room in Canary Wharf.   

25. Me and G bomb ready for a night out in London town.
26. My Louis Vuitton got personalised.
27. Funny kissing face waiting to see Lady Gaga.
28. Sunday papers and Hot Chocolate.


29. Bloggers in the press.
30. Finally got my hands on Pixi glow tonic.
31. Monday pick me ups.
32. Using the BEST foundation brush ever! (Big statement)

33. This is the excuse I use on a regular basis. However it was actually my little Sisters birthday.
34. How cute are these mumpkin's?
35. A small beauty haul.
36. My new beauty Valentino esque shoes.
I told you it was a picture heavy post! During November I might do this post weekly? Better than a huge instagram binge all in one go.
Are you on Instagram? Please leave me your username.


  1. Ah a fellow instagram lover! Love your pictures, I'll be giving you a follow!


  2. Thanks Crystal. I'm following you now.

    Katie. X

  3. Aww Alfie is so cute! Followed you on instagram (@vvnightingale)

    1. Aww thank you. I'm pretty biased but he is super cute.

      Katie x

  4. Alfie is a mini version of my pup!!! I'm vintagebeauty92, I'm not sure if we follow each other already!! xox


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